Eleni AtsikbasisLesvos…our island is in much distress by forces that are complicated and difficult to comprehend.  How can we understand where and how to begin to approach and tackle the issues at hand, pick up the pieces, restore and rebuild?  At the forefront, many of us helped and continue to help refugees yet, at the same time we want to be sure we’re making a difference in the long run – not just facilitating Europe’s failure to deal with the situation thus, destroying our vibrance and livelihood in the process.   

This is why I believe we should be talking strategy for the entire island, the local communities and all guests arriving on the island. ‘Our Lesvos’; What is it? What was it? What should it be? How can we heal the island, stay in touch with the human side and improve the degrading lives of the local people: here, now and, beyond?

The economic crisis hit hard and, while Greece continues to work to recover, Lesvos being at the frontline of a humanitarian crisis makes Lesvos uninviting.  We must not wait to fix our troubles…we are running out of time if we wait for governments and officials to pull together. This is why we have to look deep within and beyond ourselves to understand the challenges ahead and implement new ways forward:

Step up – and step it up and, all together we can make this happen !

Join me and others to make Lesvos a dynamic Living Lab for the communal search, design and implementation of our ‘new’ Lesvos.

Please contact us for any inquiry; make a donation; or join and share our initiative.

Eleni Atsikbasis

Healing Lesvos


Countless projects and initiatives can be defined to help heal Lesvos. Ranging from huge multi-year projects that will require R&D, organisation and funding, to small, extremely localised initiatives that, for example, solidify the business model of a local business. 

Basically, everything is possible as long as they can be plotted within the 4 themes.


As said, there are several different projects and initiatives open, some already underway and, others not yet started.  And of course, you bring along your own set of skills, knowledge and interests (and, let’s not forget your time limits).

That means there are many opportunities and elements where your participation and contribution will help Lesvos achieve enduring impact and sustainability.

We continuously strive for more clarity and structure as the ground situation changes and develops as well as, resources and funding for the Healing Lesvos program.  As we progress you can find updates on ongoing projects here, but for now, simply shoot us a message if you’re interested in participating and together we’ll figure out a way to create a win-win collaboration and situation.